Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Wood

Cee says: “This week your challenge is to show off a few photographs of wood. Wood/Spring: Tree, Wind, Moisture, Air, Minerals, Ink, Mind, Rubber, Paper, Plants, Poison, Wax, Dissolve, Carbon, Clouds, Health, Space”

I stuck with wood: Trees growing in the forest, a stack of timber for winter warmth, carved timber in a palace, majestic timbers in a bridge, a fine timber cello hidden inside its case, old timber doors, timber supports, cladding and roof shingles on an old French toll house.

Where would mankind be without wood? It is a wonderful renewable resource that has been tended and cared for by humanity for thousands of years … until today, when unrenewable resources  are used more and more for construction, and forests are destroyed for development and money-making. I look forward to a world where wood regains its true value before it is too late for the whole planet.