Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

On our visit to Thimphu, the capitol of Bhutan we visited the Buddhist Arts and Crafts School where traditions are carefully passed from older to younger crafts people. We saw textiles (weaving, sewing, embroidery), woodwork, painting, sculpture, costumery and more. Young people sat quietly working on their projects, used to visitors passing through with their guides. Thanks to this traditional school there is a constant supply of creative young artists ready to supply the homes, temples and government buildings of Bhutan with all their favourite artworks.

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Thanks to the Daily Post I remembered these inspiring youngsters and their important role in maintaining the creative works of their country.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

On our visit to Tasmania we explored some fantastic Huon forest via the famous Tahune Airwalk.

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Suspended 45 metres above the ground the Airwalk enables you get up close and personal with the treetops, which at that time included Leatherwoods in flower. The whole experience is thrilling, for a while you almost feel like a bird looking down on the forest and the river blow. Later we bought some of the incredible Leatherwood Honey from nearby apiarists, so much more affordable when you are close to beekeepers and not far away on the mainland of Australia paying huge prices for this specialty.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

Today, Saturday in Australia while in slower parts of the world it is still Friday (just joking!), the skies are overcast and rain is falling. The rain caused the Saturday markets to close up early, and we came home to light the slow combustion stove. Our passive solar house is toasty warm on sunny days, and the sunshine provides our hot water too, but today we light the fire to compensate for lack of sun. Here is a slideshow of photos from this morning.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

lives in their hands

When our children were growing up we had geese in our menagerie … here two of the boys who are shivering from swimming too long are cuddling baby goslings …. the thrill of lives in their hands. This photo is a scan of an old print …. not as clear as usual sorry!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

Blue tropical waterlily

The blue waterlilies on our dam are huge, and still flowering as winter approaches. They only take about eight weeks off in late winter, with big buds emerging again in mid-spring. Enjoy this gorgeous blue flower!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

A strange challenge, but just right for this photo, where patterns and colours are pleasing but focus is just not quite there!

Peewee, or Magpie Lark, among fallen leaves

This is a common Australian bird, but has so far evaded my focus! This image was taken on my recent trip to the Central West, walking through the little town of Millthorpe late one evening when light was fading. I have always known this medium sized bird as a Peewee, but it is also called a Mud Lark, or officially a Magpie Lark.

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