Cool Mountains

Thanks to Ailsa of Where’s My Backpack I have been searching through my mountain photos. We have visited mountains overseas, in Nepal, where the Himalayas almost encircle Kathmandu, and creep right up to Pokara, in Bhutan which is built amongst the Himalayan foothills, in Ireland where as usual we always search out the wildest places, in southern France with the Pyrenees, and in Switzerland where even a distant view of the Alps is breath-taking. Included here are mountains of Australia, an ancient land whose peaks have been wearing away for a very long time. Mount Warning is the centre of an old shield volcano, near the Border Ranges of NSW and Queensland. The Brindabellas, a small mountain range just south west of our nation’s capitol, Canberra, are often snow capped in winter, making a pretty sight from the city. Mount Sondor is part of the West MacDonnell Ranges in Central Australia, a mountain made famous by iconic aboriginal artist Albert Namatjira.


Travel theme: Gaudy

I am not sure if gaudy is the right word, but I wanted to share some of brilliant colours of Rajasthan.

Thanks Ailsa ( for giving me the opportunity to revisit Rajasthan and find some of my favourite images! I tend to wear bright colours too, I often wonder why Westerners are usually so dull, especially business people. Do you know???

CBBH Photo Challenge: View from an Aircraft

I love taking photographs through the window of a plane. Sometimes there is not much to see, or the view is blocked by plane parts, but other times it can be sublime. When we were coming in to land in Bhutan we dropped down close to the vast Himalayan mountains, eventually flying along a winding narrow valley before executing a sharp and short landing at Paro. Can you see the snowy peaks in the distance?

Himalaya Bhutan

Himalayan view,  Bhutan

This year we flew to Lord Howe island twice, or three times if you count the day we turned back in rough weather. The window was partly clouded, hence colour is not reliable, but here is a view of the lagoon and one end of the very small island.

Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island

Coming in to land at Sydney we circled over the north of the harbour, flying over Manly and the north shore before turning to come down over the inner western suburbs. People looking out of the opposite side of the plane would have seen the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, as I have many times before.

Manly, Sydney Harbour

Manly, North Head, Sydney Harbour

This window is gloriously clear, a new plane on route to Singapore. It was a wonderfully comfortable and smooth flight, epitomised by this peaceful photograph of the wing and the clear blue sky.

wing from the window

wing from the window

This month I would like to share Northern Narratives with you. Judy lives in Minnesota and takes wonderful photos of nature and the world around her … she also knits and sometimes writes about wool and colour, fascinating for me as it is something I used to enjoy, but don’t get to any more. The other is an Australian blogger, Jenn who lives in Qld, and shares her words and photos at The Serenity Space. Hop on over to visit these lovely blogs by women sharing their life, hopes and dreams! Check out Marianne’s blog too and join in the monthly blog hopping challenge.

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This week Ailsa has prompted us to find photos of shadows …. so here is one from each of the countries we visited on our last trip to Europe.

This is an interesting challenge since we so often overlook shadowed photos, but when the shadows are important, perception changes, the whole scene is different and fresh!

Travel Theme: Walls

Jantar Mantar is a collection of astrological instruments in Jaipur India.

Jantar Mantar is a collection of astrological instruments in Jaipur India.

At 27 metres high, the Samrat Yantra is designed to tell the time of day exactly. When we were there workmen were restoring the wall, supported by bamboo scaffolding. The small cupola on the top is used for announcing the time!

cat on stone wall in Ireland

cat on stone wall in Ireland

Early one summer morning on the Dingle Peninsular I spied this cat searching for a warm spot on the stone wall that lined the narrow road.

Ormiston Gorge, Central Australia

Ormiston Gorge, Central Australia

Walking through Ormiston Gorge  in Central Australia is wonderful experience of wind, earth and water. Tall colourful walls rise on each side of the stony floor, foliage clings to life where it can, and a deep waterhole awaits the weary walker at the end.

Wall of posters in Limoux, France

Wall of posters in Limoux, France

Walls of buildings are always fair targets for graffiti, posters and other forms of messaging! This one is very pro-French I think.

Ailsa of Where’s my Backpack has offered a challenge for photo of walls this week … how about looking through your wall photos too?

Tagged D: Done In

When we were travelling in France last September there were times I felt like a lie down … this one was after climbing many hundreds of steps to the top of a defensive tower at Château de Bourdeilles. After a hot day the cool grass was just sooo welcoming … I was feeling all “done in.” According to the Free Dictionary ‘done in’ means exhausted.

christine feeling 'done in' after a hot day in france

christine feeling ‘done in’ after a hot day in france

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Travel theme: Glass

Ailsa of Where’s My Backpack has a Glass theme this week. Here are my glass offerrings, all from France. On our recent trip we visited some of our favourite places, such as Brantome, where the wonderful glass blower Eric Simonin has his workshop. In Paris I was amazed to see the skylight in the artnoveau buildingGaleries Lafayette, and we visited The Louvre for the first time in ages descending into the old building through the glass pyramid in the courtyard. We always go into the cathedral of Notre Dame on Ile de la Cite, where there are some of the most glorious stained glass windows in the world. Here is the South Rose Window, a gift from the king Saint Louis in 1260.