CBBH Photo Challenge: View from an Aircraft

I love taking photographs through the window of a plane. Sometimes there is not much to see, or the view is blocked by plane parts, but other times it can be sublime. When we were coming in to land in Bhutan we dropped down close to the vast Himalayan mountains, eventually flying along a winding narrow valley before executing a sharp and short landing at Paro. Can you see the snowy peaks in the distance?

Himalaya Bhutan

Himalayan view,  Bhutan

This year we flew to Lord Howe island twice, or three times if you count the day we turned back in rough weather. The window was partly clouded, hence colour is not reliable, but here is a view of the lagoon and one end of the very small island.

Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island

Coming in to land at Sydney we circled over the north of the harbour, flying over Manly and the north shore before turning to come down over the inner western suburbs. People looking out of the opposite side of the plane would have seen the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, as I have many times before.

Manly, Sydney Harbour

Manly, North Head, Sydney Harbour

This window is gloriously clear, a new plane on route to Singapore. It was a wonderfully comfortable and smooth flight, epitomised by this peaceful photograph of the wing and the clear blue sky.

wing from the window

wing from the window

This month I would like to share Northern Narratives with you. Judy lives in Minnesota and takes wonderful photos of nature and the world around her … she also knits and sometimes writes about wool and colour, fascinating for me as it is something I used to enjoy, but don’t get to any more. The other is an Australian blogger, Jenn who lives in Qld, and shares her words and photos at The Serenity Space. Hop on over to visit these lovely blogs by women sharing their life, hopes and dreams! Check out Marianne’s blog too and join in the monthly blog hopping challenge.

blog hop

Tagged F: Ferries

I love ferries, the fun of boarding across the gangplank, feeling the throb of the engine with the timber floor vibrating beneath my feet, choosing a seat and sitting back for the ride. Always magic, even when I did it every day between the  Zoo Wharf and Circular Quay in Sydney. Here are a few ferries:

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Travel Theme: Transportation

my first car, loud burbling transport

my first car, loud burbling transport

camper vans on the ferry to Mull

camper vans on the ferry to Mull

mini van in Bhutan

mini van in Bhutan

sailing boat seen from ferry Sydney Harbour

sailing boat seen from ferry Sydney Harbour

This is my first entry in Ailsa’s travel theme, perhaps a sign that life is settling down a little and  can broaden my horizons. The first two are old photos I had scanned, fond memories of transport in days gone by. The more recent ones are clearly recognisable … but don’t worry …. the women carrying huge stacks of bracken were not trying to board the minibus!




Sunday Post: From a Distance, Sydney Opera House

This long shot of the Sydney Opera House was taken from the north-western side of the Harbour Bridge, at Milson’s Point near Luna Park. Looking past the colourful ferris wheel ride and the fluted towers at the Luna Park gate, past the ferry coming into the wharf, and still further looking beyond the northern pylons of the bridge and beneath it’s steely structure, across Sydney Harbour we see the Opera House on Benelong Point.

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Sunday Post: Water h2o

cities are built around good harbours

Water, the source of life on Earth, attracts settlements and cities. Since we evolved in water and came onto the land later we all love to see calm water, like Sydney Harbour, viewed here from Milsons Point Wharf.

water surrounds us here

We live here, our place is in the upper left of the picture, we have a choice of beaches, and whichever way the wind blows we can hear the ocean.

water, like emotion, reflects its surrounds

Water is a fluid at moderate temperatures, but it can also be a gas, or a solid. So changeable! Like our emotional bodies water reflects its surroundings, it takes on colours, odours, temperature, and reflections.

light and life, water

Here water shows the warmth and colour of the morning sunrise, lotus leaves hold drops of water from an overnight shower.

we come from water and love to return

In water we feel weightless, buoyant and free, such a joy to float and swim, to dive and play like dolphins or whales, remembering our ancestral past!

Thank you Jake for this opportunity to think about Water, bringer of life to the planet Earth! Did you know they think water arrived here frozen, brought by meteorites?

A-Z Archive: Q is for Quay

Quay on Cockatoo Island, Sydney Harbour

The industry on Cockatoo Island has long since ceased. We visited for a spectacular art exhibition, the 17th Biennale of Sydney. You can just see the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background of this photo. It was a rainy day, so this photo from the ferry window as we returned to Circular Quay is rather unclear.

Circular Quay Sydney, through raindrops on ferry window

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