Cees Fun Foto Challenge: Water

I live on the coast, just a short walk through the bushland to the beaches that surround us here. All day and night the sounds of the sea whisper or crash around us, salt drifts in the air, sea birds glide overhead. Here are some recent beach photos of the ocean/lagoon in their different moods.

meringo lagoon early morning

Meringo lagoon early morning

is it safe to swim?

Bingie beach ….. is it safe to swim?

kingtide, Mullimburra lagoon and sea meet

kingtide, Mullimburra lagoon and sea meet

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A-Z Archive: S is for Solitude, Seafood, Sunset in Ireland

One of our favourite corners of Ireland is Conemarra in County Galway on the west coast.  When we were there in 2006 we stayed in a tiny cottage on a bare slope, where there were more stones than grazing land. The waterways were virtually deserted, just right for peaceful reflection and sketching. Nearby was the most picturesque fishing harbor, a little town called Roundstone, with a seafood restaurant. We dined at ODowd’s, and watched the sun set over the Twelve Pins (or Bens), and lights slowly come on around the bay.

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