Sunday Post: Close Up

edge of the wave

The edge of the wave as it runs up the shore, so pure at this stage, not yet capitulating as it will in a moment when momentum ceases and the foamy frontline comes apart, each element returning to its own.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

Blue tropical waterlily

The blue waterlilies on our dam are huge, and still flowering as winter approaches. They only take about eight weeks off in late winter, with big buds emerging again in mid-spring. Enjoy this gorgeous blue flower!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

It seems as long as humans have been on the earth they have been arranging to suit themselves. Resting in the green fields surrounding the River Boyne in Ireland are many incredible megalithic monuments. Over 5000 years ago men and women arranged the land to create passage tombs and mounds, which survive today for us to wonder about! This image is of some of the satellite tombs around the Great Mound at Knowth.

some of the smaller mounds at Knowth

and here is a close-up of one of the many carved boulders around the base of the Great Mound

megalithic art at Knowth, Ireland

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

Polistinae wasp nest against the window

These beautiful and useful wasps had lived here against the window for about six months, gradually enlarging their nest as their population grew. To my great regret they suddenly became disturbed by several of my yoga students passing by on their way to the bathroom (as they had done every week), and two people were stung. Worse was to come, because now we had to remove the nest, the greater regret! Using smoke to drive off the wasps, we knocked the wonderful hexagonal construction to the ground with a long fishing rod, and watched sadly as the adult wasps returned to try to remedy the situation. As you can see I  photographed the nest from inside the yoga barn before the dastardly deed. I have noticed the beginning of a new nest, in a more suitable position, so fingers crossed all will be well.

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