Weekly Image of Life: Happiness

The perfect time to do a post on happiness …. when i am in pain and on a weird drug high  after jaw surgery for osteomyelitis. I know happiness has nothing to do with pain, but with loving life, that rare chance of being here, being conscious and living each moment. Most of the universe is Dark Matter, and the part of life we know makes up about 5% of the known universe. Somehow we are in the fuzzy five percent where we can experience happiness!

Here are images of some happy moments, valued by us human beings because our values have been ingrained in us according to those things that enhance our chances of survival. We love out grandchildren because those ancestors who did care for grandchildren had more descendants ….

bliss 🙂

We are really happy when we provide food for our family, and the thrill of successful hunter or the prolific gatherer is deeply felt!

successful hunter!

Food is big source of happiness, because providing food meant more chance of life and reproduction of successive generations …. here is youngest son looking very happy about cooking up a treat for the family which of course includes his very beautiful wife…. not pictured here but regulars know her!

making food for those you love

For some of us happiness is enhanced when we feel we are doing something for others … the awareness that we are all One means that we wish for All to be happy, All to be well, All to be blessed with health and abundance.

praying that all life shares in happiness

This post is part of the first photo challenge organised by island traveler, a Weekly Image of Life challenge, with the first focus being Happiness …. would you like to join in? Follow the link and go searching for our own images of happiness!

A-Z Archive: V is for Violent

violent storm clouds tumbling in the sky

The A-Z Challenge is almost at the end of the alphabet, the most exciting letters to find images for. Here is my entry for V, a photo of storm clouds racing through the sky, black and white tumbling together just before rain and hail hit.

Pop over to Frizztext’s Flickrcomments to join in this week’s challenge and check out the other V entries.

Sunday Post: Work

All these images are from Bhutan, different types of work we observed on our travels there. In this marvelous country people still know how to do things themselves! The destructive practices of the western world are held at bay in favour of quality of life and happiness. Click on an image to see it larger and scroll through the photos.

Join in the Sunday Post with Jake, a brilliant graphic artist and philosopher.

A-Z Archive: K is for Kathmandu

A few years ago we went to Nepal to work with a charity organisation for three weeks. We were based in PepsiCola Town Planning, a suburb on the fringes of Kathmandu, where large houses are built on prime market garden land along the river. Families generally live in one or two rooms and rent the others. The hustle of the city was very close, and thick smog lay over the whole valley which is surrounded by the peaks of the Himalayas. Rubbish was burnt in the street, adding to the fumes of cheap petrol, and almost everyone had respiratory problems.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The city has beautiful Buddhist temples, fascinating old architecture, and marvelous markets where artisans display their wares. However the crowding, rubbish and smog make it quite unpleasant now. We were very glad to fly away to Pokara for a short break, where the air was clear and you could see the surrounding mountains!

Check out the other “K” photos here, and join in with your own “K” image http://flickrcomments.wordpress.com/2012/03/12/a-z-archive-k-challenge/

Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

I love how these challenges create such a storm of thinking, remembering, sorting and searching, until the appropriate image pops up from the archives!

This face is not only distorted by being too close to the camera, but also out of focus, adding to the surreal look … however it has a joyful quality, the spontaneous fun of children mucking about and laughing!

A-Z Challenge: I is for Insecure

While visiting the Black Country in the English Midlands we were taken to this rather insecure looking pub!

The Crooked House, Coppice Mill

First built as a farmhouse, The Crooked House is so called because of a sharp lean in the building, caused by local mining in the 1800s, that means one side of the pub is four feet lower than the other. This has made it a strong tourist attraction and the leaning walls, combined with the level floors, make for an interesting experience. A bit of fun, and apparently quite good beer.

You can join in the A-Z Archive Challenge too, just go to http://flickrcomments.wordpress.com/2012/02/28/a-z-archive-i-challenge/ to learn how to do it!

A-Z Archive: G is for Gallery

My husband is an artist, so we are often in galleries. Here is an exhibition of his paintings in a local gallery, just before the opening night festivities. I am tempted to add some other ‘g’ words, such as great, and gorgeous, and galloping success! If you would like to see his picasaweb album of this show you can find it here.

This photo is part of the Frizztext’s A-Z Archive G! challenge.

A-Z Archive: D is for Dance, Dzong, Dragon and more

Some of my blogger friends will have noticed that I started a new blog for these photo challenges. I have a vague idea of keeping dadirridreaming for things to do with home, yoga, spirit, the natural environment where I live. So this blog, and the A-Z Archive is the place for me to explore my photo archives and dig out those special shots I want to see again. I have had the good fortune to travel quite a bit in the past 10 years, and the most fascinating destination was Bhutan. This is a small Buddhist Kingdom in the Himalayan mountains, where instead of Gross National Product they measure Gross National Happiness. When we visited I was practising Dzogchen, so our guide took us to some special caves and temples, which was a great privilege. Here are some “D” photo from Bhutan. I have tried different ways of publishing the photos, but I think I like BIG best ..what about you?

Bumtang Dzongkag sign on the mountain pass

Prayer flags fly high over every mountain pass, here the sign tells us that we are entering the Bumthang District, and displays a map to help us find our way. There are no straight roads in Bhutan despite the sign!

Dancers at Ngang Lakhang festival, Bhutan

Men wear flowing robes for this vigorous dance.

Donkeys block the narrow mountain road

Driving was hazardous, roads very narrow and cliff hugging, I think the donkeys would feel safer than we sometimes did.

Danger, heavy loads on narrow roads!

Sometimes our way was blocked by fallen rock, but this time late one afternoon, it was a timber truck that had fallen over, luckily in a valley and not on a hillside.

Herder's dog follow us on trail to cave

We were walking for hours uphill to reach a special cave, when three dogs appeared and kept us company for the rest of the trek. One walked in front, another in the middle and the last at the rear. We felt they were spiritual guides in the guise of the fierce sheepdogs.

Trongsa Dzong, the centre of government, religion and defence for the Central Trongsa District

The Dzongs of Bhutan are magnificent structures, built for defence at strategic points where all traffic had to pass through the Dzong. Now they are still centres of administration and religion.

Dragon logo on Bhutan's airline Druk Air

One of the thrills of Bhutan is flying in, as the pilot brings the plane ever lower while following a narrow valley, until suddenly it widens and you touch down at Paro!

To join in the Weekly A-Z Archive photo challenge see Frizztext’s site http://flickrcomments.wordpress.com/2012/01/24/a-z-archive-d challenge/ and check out some of the other entries.

A-Z Archive: C is for Camels and Colour

My C challenge images are from the Rajasthan archive, all images of colour and camels! As we traveled through the north-western part of Rajasthan near Jaisalmer we had a chance to travel on camels, a way of injecting more money into the impoverished area where camels are commonly used by farmers to carry loads and tow carts etc. They took us across country to a fancy camp, where we stayed the night, enjoying a campfire and singing as well as the obligatory dancing. We taught our guides how to make “twisties” on the fire, and someone found a guitar for my husband to play for the campfire singalong. Next morning we had a yoga class at dawn, in an open roofed building, in freezing temperatures .. it was real challenge!

Here is a link to Frizztext’s “C” challenge so you can join in too if you wish. … and look below for some gorgeous inspiration!


A-Z Archive: A is for Artisans

Click on an image to see it larger …. then you can scroll through 🙂

These images are from the Gangteng Monastery, or Gantey Gonpa in Bhutan, where the temple is being restored using traditional techniques. These men are true artisans, highly trained and skilled. All their work is done according to Buddhist traditions, blessed and offered for the good of all.

This post is a few weeks late, but better late than never! Thanks for your challenge frizztext, I even started a new blog especially to join you.

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