This week Ailsa has prompted us to find photos of shadows …. so here is one from each of the countries we visited on our last trip to Europe.

This is an interesting challenge since we so often overlook shadowed photos, but when the shadows are important, perception changes, the whole scene is different and fresh!

Travel Theme: Up

Ailsa of Where’s My Backpack has given us the prompt of “Up” for our photos this week. I was watching a wonderful dog high-jumping competition at the Moruya Show yesterday, where dogs fearlessly jumped up an ever-increasingly high wall. The crowd of children and adults cheered and shrieked with excitement, sighed with disappointment and finally clapped resoundingly when the last two dogs tied for first place in the competition. Thrilling! Who would have known dogs can jump so much higher than horses? So that is one of my Up photos, and the others will explain themselves.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

This week Sara at Daily Post has challenged us to find photos that draw the eye beyond the foreground, or point of focus. This is a challenge indeed, for there are so many possibilities in my photo library. I have chosen images from our recent trip overseas, I hope you enjoy each one … and with the flowers at Giverney, look for the almost hidden cottage in the background .

Travel Theme: Multiples

Ailsa has challenged us to find images with more than one of a thing in the frame, in other words multiples. I trolled through my travel photos and found these. I can’t resist candles in churches, or those green guys in Paris, and farmhouse desserts in the Languedoc, I was fascinated by the women in Barcelona and prayer flags in Bhutan. You might have to scroll through to see them all, some of mine are disappearing in the gallery.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

This photo was taken in the gardens of the Palais Royale in Paris, where people sit around a pool and fountain to catch the sun. The garden is very formal, but in this image you see the beauty of the water moving, the sunbathers, the bicycle waiting under the tree.

bicycle and sunbather at fountain in garden of the Palais Royale

To join in the weekly challenge look here! Other entries include: brothers,  fun, dog and cat, venice, skiers in the alps, night and day, frogs, barbed wire, cappadocia, redhat and sign,  moon and tree, and some from jo.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

indulging at L'As du Fallafel in Paris

L’As du Fellafel is one of the best felafel restaurants in Paris, always crowded, delicious and exciting. We walked to the Jewish quarter one evening to indulge in a superb vegetarian feast!

For more images of indulgence see