Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

that famous wedding kiss!

that famous wedding kiss!


Two of our beloveds, being watched by all their friends and family, and their little 18 month old, as they make a life-long commitment to each other. Isn’t it thrilling? That symbolic kiss is like the stamp on the contract, I do commit to you. They are a wonderful couple, forging a unique creative life together, on the edge of environmental and political change, and fabulous parents ….. we love them too.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

This week’s Daily Post theme of love set me thinking of what it means to love someone over a long period of time. Not a child or a parent, but another fallible human being just like yourself. Marriage vows make a lot of sense as years go by, those old fashioned vows of sticking with each other for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, through the good times and the rough times. Somehow we stuck it out and love each other more with the richness of years spent together pursuing our dreams and doing our best. Perhaps I married a very patient and adaptable man, or maybe he chose the right woman to cope with all his idiosyncrasies  as well as all abundant his gifts. Women ask me in wonder “Does he have a brother?” …well no, he doesn’t, so it was just lucky me when we met in about 1965 or 66, we were with other people at a party, but our eyes met across the room, and sparks flew! It was not until 1970 that we got together, and I had a sinking feeling …”Oh no, this is the man I will spend my life with, and he is here already!” … perhaps I wanted a few more years to sort myself out, but we dived into it and that was that. It still is.

Sunday Post: Love

love between grandchildren and their grandfather

Jakesprinter has chosen Love as the first topic for his Sunday Post photo challenge, click his link to read all about it. I found this photo of my grandchildren with their grandfather …. all dressed up for school, but enjoying a cuddle and tickle before they left, and before we left for the long drive home. I know it is a bit blurry, but that conveys the energy and excitement of the moment.Wonderful warm family love helps us all feel safe and secure.

Jake has made a special badge for you too, a marvelous flying dragon!

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