Story Challenge: I is for Instruction

Travellers all over the world are given instructions on safety every time they board a flight. We all hear, over and over again how to fasten our seatbelt, how to brace in case of an emergency landing, how to inflate our life vest and blow the whistle, what to do with the tubes that drop from the ceiling to supply oxygen, and so on. Some flights have a video, some have multiple demonstrators, some like the small plane to Lord Howe Island have only one flight attendant and she also gives all of the instructions and demonstrations. There is a card in the seat pocket in front of each person that includes diagrams and information to make sure it is all clear.

We are about to travel for five weeks from Australia to Europe and Ireland, and home via Singapore, so we will have many opportunities to hear the safety instructions, on different planes and in different countries! I expect they will all be the same. Check out other I stories at

Until our return I wont be visiting your blogs, I will miss you and look forward to catching up in October. I wont be posting on Heartfelt Images, but you might see some travel photos on dadirridreaming if you look.

PS This is my 100th post on Heartfelt Images 🙂