Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Wood

Cee says: “This week your challenge is to show off a few photographs of wood. Wood/Spring: Tree, Wind, Moisture, Air, Minerals, Ink, Mind, Rubber, Paper, Plants, Poison, Wax, Dissolve, Carbon, Clouds, Health, Space”

I stuck with wood: Trees growing in the forest, a stack of timber for winter warmth, carved timber in a palace, majestic timbers in a bridge, a fine timber cello hidden inside its case, old timber doors, timber supports, cladding and roof shingles on an old French toll house.

Where would mankind be without wood? It is a wonderful renewable resource that has been tended and cared for by humanity for thousands of years … until today, when unrenewable resources  are used more and more for construction, and forests are destroyed for development and money-making. I look forward to a world where wood regains its true value before it is too late for the whole planet.


A-Z Archive: A is for Artisans

Click on an image to see it larger …. then you can scroll through 🙂

These images are from the Gangteng Monastery, or Gantey Gonpa in Bhutan, where the temple is being restored using traditional techniques. These men are true artisans, highly trained and skilled. All their work is done according to Buddhist traditions, blessed and offered for the good of all.

This post is a few weeks late, but better late than never! Thanks for your challenge frizztext, I even started a new blog especially to join you.

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