Travel theme: Gaudy

I am not sure if gaudy is the right word, but I wanted to share some of brilliant colours of Rajasthan.

Thanks Ailsa ( for giving me the opportunity to revisit Rajasthan and find some of my favourite images! I tend to wear bright colours too, I often wonder why Westerners are usually so dull, especially business people. Do you know???

A-Z Archive: C is for Camels and Colour

My C challenge images are from the Rajasthan archive, all images of colour and camels! As we traveled through the north-western part of Rajasthan near Jaisalmer we had a chance to travel on camels, a way of injecting more money into the impoverished area where camels are commonly used by farmers to carry loads and tow carts etc. They took us across country to a fancy camp, where we stayed the night, enjoying a campfire and singing as well as the obligatory dancing. We taught our guides how to make “twisties” on the fire, and someone found a guitar for my husband to play for the campfire singalong. Next morning we had a yoga class at dawn, in an open roofed building, in freezing temperatures .. it was real challenge!

Here is a link to Frizztext’s “C” challenge so you can join in too if you wish. … and look below for some gorgeous inspiration!