Cees Fun Foto Challenge: Water

I live on the coast, just a short walk through the bushland to the beaches that surround us here. All day and night the sounds of the sea whisper or crash around us, salt drifts in the air, sea birds glide overhead. Here are some recent beach photos of the ocean/lagoon in their different moods.

meringo lagoon early morning

Meringo lagoon early morning

is it safe to swim?

Bingie beach ….. is it safe to swim?

kingtide, Mullimburra lagoon and sea meet

kingtide, Mullimburra lagoon and sea meet

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Reflection: CBBH Photo Challenge

Marianne of East of Malaga is challenging us to post on reflection this month. It is a time for reflection, looking back on the past year and wondering about the months to come. I sorted through my images of the last twelve months, and chose reflections very close to home. I hope you enjoy them!

red-capped dotterel

red-capped dotterel

seaspray and seagulls

seaspray and seagulls

dragonflies and lotus

dragonflies and lotus

golden sunrise colours

golden sunrise colours

lagoon reflections

lagoon reflections

Part of CBBH is to link to two bloggers you have commented on in the past month. I love Tom’s blog onlyhereonlynow, perhaps you will enjoy his gentle zen buddhist writing too. The other newish blog I am enjoying is Jude’s Photography, take a look to enjoy delicious images of the Dordogne!

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Weekly Image Of Life: Fun Under The Sun

These photos are from a summer about 8 years ago, when our Japanese friend Miruko came to stay. She was our son’s host mother for a year, and has since become part of our family! Vivacious and exciting, Miruko certainly added to the fun we all enjoyed that summer.

Miruko, Kitchen Ninja, cooking up a storm with Stuart

Firstly there was the food, all our favourite Japanese dishes, with Stuart a keen sous chef!

Browsing through our garden Miruko found treats we had never imagined.

The beach, so clean and unpolluted was heaven for her, she collected pippies and kelp to make traditional dishes.

We had one of those extraordinary days when the dolphins surfed in on the waves, whales spouted out to sea, the sea eagles flew overhead …. we told her it was all in her honour!

As well as all the usual beach excitement we had neighbours with horses!

I had a lesson in Ikebana!


Miruko plays golf and enjoyed several games on our beautiful ocal courses with out keen golfing neighbours. When they were out together the neighbours stopped by the road to pick up some rubbish someone had thrown from their car. Miruko was amazed, and promptly decided to spread the word via her radio program in Japan, that anyone can pick up litter and keep their suburbs clean. Then we headed over the range to Canberra for the highlights of the Capitol.

Parliament House

Miruko was surprised that were able to go inside Parliament House, something unthought of in Japan. She loved all the photo opportunities of the National Capitol, including Black Mountain Tower, below.

Black Mountain Tower, view to Lake Burley Griffin

We had family time too, Miruko came with gifts for the little ones!

Just one more tourist treat, a miniature town, Cockington Green in a beautiful setting.

Miruko enjoying a tiny town!

The flowers were quite impressive too.

When we were in Japan Miruko took us to some truly awesome traditional gardens, luckily she liked the novelty golf course here!

This was truly summer fun, even more special because it was shared with someone we all love, a generous, creative, vital soul who travelled across the world to be with us here at Dadirri. Join in this weekly challenge with your summer fun!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

Violet Sea Snail

The Violet Sea Snail (Janthina janthina) washes onto the beach on the East Coast of Australia when the north-easterly winds blow …. they are companions of Bluebottles, or Portuguese Man of War, which they predate. Like their companions the Bluebottles and By the Wind Sailors they are simple creatures.

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