Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

Aren’t you continually amazed about how each of us is unique? No-one does or says anything just the same way as another person, unless perhaps identical twins now and then. At the last Joy of Being Retreat here at Dadirri we enjoyed an art workshop based around the spectrum. We gazed through coloured cellophane and noticed how our brains adjusted the colours of the landscape, we played with coloured papers and tissue, including making a ‘stained glass window’ with a prepared black template. Just look at these to understand how each of the artists expressed their unique sense of colour and design.

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Weekly Image Of Life: Colors

Island Traveler tells us that “colours make us feel truly alive and ready to face challenges ahead ….. they are a gift that nature and Mother Earth give us everyday”.  Colour is such a vital part of life, and not only visually, for colour is also used to express the spectrum of experience in other senses, feelings (I feel blue …for example), hearing, and so on. Here are a few of my favourite colour photos, the first one a fragrant bunch of flowers given to me by a dear friend. Her love filled the room just as the sweet fragrance and colour of the flowers.

The next photo shows an artwork in process during a Joy of Being weekend here …. where everyone becomes an artist, set free by the vivid colours, the natural tools, the atmosphere of fun and freedom.

Nature excels in colour and design, like this big Orchard Wanderer butterfly. They float gracefully through the garden in the most entrancing manner, just sublime.

Finally we are also part of nature and have always loved to mimic her colours in our clothing. Here I am laughing with my grandchildren as we flaunt our bright colours together.

Every day is a celebration of colour, a rainbow of love and joy pulsing through our world as we live heart-centered lives. Thank you Island Traveler for drawing attention to Colour this week!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

We were inside the Art Gallery of NSW a week ago, when we had an unexpected day in Sydney while waiting for our flight to Lord Howe Island. In an exhibition that is is part of the 18th Biennale I saw the intricate work of artist Yuken Teruya, who creates trees inside shopping bags. The upper surface of the bag is carefully cut to create the tree, which appears to be standing inside the bag.  I loved this one that was crafted from a large striped paper bag.

Yuken Teruya’s tree inside the bag


You can see more depictions of inside here.

A-Z Archive: Z is for Zippers

My daughter-in-law is very creative with old metal zippers. She makes fabulous jewelry that looks fantastic! Some time last year I modeled some of her pieces so she could take photographs for her etsy site. Here are a few you might enjoy.

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Check out Fiona’s website http://kinaweradesigns.wordpress.com/ to see more of her creative zipper constructions and other wearable art……. and you can find more entries in the A-Z Challenge here.

A-Z Archive: U is for Umbrella, Upside-down and Unclothed

Sorry I cant choose just one, but I did manage to stop at three this time!

ink and wash sketch of life drawing model

playing upside down

umbrella drying outside the yoga barn

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A-Z Archive: G is for Gallery

My husband is an artist, so we are often in galleries. Here is an exhibition of his paintings in a local gallery, just before the opening night festivities. I am tempted to add some other ‘g’ words, such as great, and gorgeous, and galloping success! If you would like to see his picasaweb album of this show you can find it here.

This photo is part of the Frizztext’s A-Z Archive G! challenge.