A-Z Archive: Z is for Zippers

My daughter-in-law is very creative with old metal zippers. She makes fabulous jewelry that looks fantastic! Some time last year I modeled some of her pieces so she could take photographs for her etsy site. Here are a few you might enjoy.

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Check out Fiona’s website http://kinaweradesigns.wordpress.com/ to see more of her creative zipper constructions and other wearable art……. and you can find more entries in the A-Z Challenge here.

A-Z Archive: W is for Wallaby, Waterfall, Waterlily

Hooray, time to look through the archives and find your W images! As usual I can’t pick just one, so here are the best that I found ….. wallaby

red-necked wallaby

and waterfall

Twin Falls, Springbrook National Park, QLD

and my beautiful white waterlily

white waterlily

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A-Z Archive: V is for Violent

violent storm clouds tumbling in the sky

The A-Z Challenge is almost at the end of the alphabet, the most exciting letters to find images for. Here is my entry for V, a photo of storm clouds racing through the sky, black and white tumbling together just before rain and hail hit.

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A-Z Archive: U is for Umbrella, Upside-down and Unclothed

Sorry I cant choose just one, but I did manage to stop at three this time!

ink and wash sketch of life drawing model

playing upside down

umbrella drying outside the yoga barn

Dont you love looking through the old photos and finding your favourites? Join in the weekly challenge with frizztext’s site http://flickrcomments.wordpress.com/2012/05/22/a-z-archive-u-challenge/

A-Z Archive: S is for Solitude, Seafood, Sunset in Ireland

One of our favourite corners of Ireland is Conemarra in County Galway on the west coast.  When we were there in 2006 we stayed in a tiny cottage on a bare slope, where there were more stones than grazing land. The waterways were virtually deserted, just right for peaceful reflection and sketching. Nearby was the most picturesque fishing harbor, a little town called Roundstone, with a seafood restaurant. We dined at ODowd’s, and watched the sun set over the Twelve Pins (or Bens), and lights slowly come on around the bay.

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A-Z Archive: R is for Railway

This photo was taken in the railway station at Bordeaux, or should I say la Gare de Bordeaux Saint Jean? The beautiful old station buildings hide a roof designed by Gustave Eiffel! The natural lighting makes photography easy here.

In September we will be returning to this railway station, once again visiting our friends at Perigueux in the Dordogne. For the first time we will hire a car as well as traveling by TGV, inspired by our Paris-dwelling son who will be accompanying us. So in what will seem like no time at all there will be fresh photos from the south of France!

Do you have a favourite “R” image to share? Join in at Frizz’s site, http://flickrcomments.wordpress.com/2012/05/01/a-z-archive-r-challenge/ and inspire us all with your entry!!

Here is a Red Camel, Race, River, Regent’s Canal, Remembering, Ride, Reverse reflections in Rear vision mirror,  Rabbits, Red Rocker, Ruins, Rocket, Rivers of Pittsburg, Repairs Required, Rockport, and a bamboo Rocket … now join the fun, go through your own archives and find something special for “R”!

A-Z Archive: Q is for Quay

Quay on Cockatoo Island, Sydney Harbour

The industry on Cockatoo Island has long since ceased. We visited for a spectacular art exhibition, the 17th Biennale of Sydney. You can just see the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background of this photo. It was a rainy day, so this photo from the ferry window as we returned to Circular Quay is rather unclear.

Circular Quay Sydney, through raindrops on ferry window

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and here is another one to enjoy, Q is for Quilting