Sunday Post: On Going

mother wallaby and joey

mother wallaby and joey

In this world there are always mothers caring for their young. It is a process that does not stop, as long as life continues. Here a female red-necked wallaby grooms her joey while also teaching him about what to eat, and gradually weaning him from her mother’s milk.

This post is part of Jake’s challenge: On Going.


Sunday Post: Focused Attention

Jake says “Focused attention is the cognitive process of selectively concentrating on one aspect of the environment while ignoring other things.” The challenge is to find something in your archives or photograph something new to show focused attention.

When visiting the Antarctic Centre in Christchurch New Zealand we watched the Little Blue Penguins being fed. You can learn more about them here. You will agree that this young woman has to keep her attention focused completely on the birds.



Sunday Post: From a Distance, Sydney Opera House

This long shot of the Sydney Opera House was taken from the north-western side of the Harbour Bridge, at Milson’s Point near Luna Park. Looking past the colourful ferris wheel ride and the fluted towers at the Luna Park gate, past the ferry coming into the wharf, and still further looking beyond the northern pylons of the bridge and beneath it’s steely structure, across Sydney Harbour we see the Opera House on Benelong Point.

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Sunday Post: Black and White

baby, 1972

Jake’s challenge this week is Black and White! Great chance to hunt through the old photos and find just the right one, thank you Jake. Backstory to this photo: my parents had a little business selling lambskins as baby bedding which involved sourcing them at tanneries here and importing sheepskins from New Zealand.  Of course they needed a model for their images, and their first grandson was just the right age! Our children loved their sheepskins; when we were out visiting at night we just put a sheepskin on the floor in a corner and the baby would go to sleep happily.In this photo the basket is part of a 1947 Truby King cane bassinet, the rattle is wooden, the nappy (diaper) is cotton … all natural materials for that sweet natural boy.






Sunday Post: Splendid

Jake gives some meanings of splendid, such as: wonderful, impressive, magnificent, phenomenal, charming, superb, ingenious, excellent, surpassing, very good, superior, first-rate, elegant, gorgeous, grand, brilliant, starry, resplendent, glorious, heavenly, gorgeous, exquisite, lovely, resplendent, pleasing to the eye, majestic, exquisite, lovely,  great, and memorable! Since it is that time of year again I thought of this very splendid and memorable birthday lunch my husband organised for me in 2005. I only want to show you the most splendid part of all …. an ice bowl of flowers in which was served the most delicious plum sorbet.


We had a restaurant at the time, so although the concept was all his there was a chef involved too.  My husband Stuart made this bowl by picking flowers for our garden, calendulas and hollyhocks and possibly more, arranging them inside a large bowl, then sitting another slightly smaller bowl inside the first bowl. He poured water into the gap and placed it all in the freezer. When it was frozen the inside bowl was removed to reveal the stained glass effect of flowers in ice! Isn’t it magnificent?

The chef appeared at the table I shared with my friends, carrying a croquembouche, sparklers sizzling, everyone gazed in delight, then burst into “Happy Birthday”! Here is a close up of the ‘cake’ after we had already begun to help ourselves. This was pretty special too.

And would you like to see a photo of the proud organiser and ice-bowl maker? Here he is! He is rather splendid and magnificent himself.

Please read Jake’s post and join in with your interpretation of Splendid!

Sunday Post: Collectibles

When the weather is cold everyone appreciates a beanie! Alice Springs is in the heart of Australia, surrounded by desert, very cold on winter nights, and very hot in summer. Every year hundreds flock into Alice for the Annual Beanie Festival, where works range from fine art works by indigenous desert artists through every possible woolly hat, some gorgeous and creative, some atrocious! Knitters all over the nation work through the year to bring their creations to the Alice Springs Beanie Festival in June. Are they collectible? Yes I am reassured they are, no matter what kind of beanie you are looking for you will find it there!! We were there a few years ago … here are some images 🙂 Artists, check out the Beanie Festival website to see this years winners.


the grand hall …. full of beanies!

how does this one look?


So many beanies!

Thank you Jake for your wonderful ideas … always so much fun exploring the photo library to find something suitable!







Sunday Post: Valuable

In our world of troubles religion is sore point for many people, with wars fought to eradicate those who do not think quite the same way as someone else. Here Buddhism is so valuable, showing the way towards accepting others as they are, towards valuing each different view, towards loving one another in the way that Jesus taught. Buddhist countries build beautiful temples decorated with valuables as an expression of devotion to the teachings of the Buddha and man’s search for enlightenment. Here is a photo of Swayambhunath Stupa Kathmandu, also known as the Monkey Temple.

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