Travel Theme: Bridges

Bridges evoke so much feeling! A means of crossing from some place, to another place …. in our lives we are sometimes looking for a bridge … which might be education, or connections or energy in some form or other … such as funding…. However I am sticking with some picturesque bridges from our travels, so don’t panic:) Join in with Ailsa, of Where’s My Packpack

One of my lifetime¬†favourite bridges is Sydney Harbour Bridge, but the bridges of Bhutan always amazed me …. it is mountainous country with no straight roads at all … so there are many bridges crossing mountain streams and rivers. Be blessed (as Francine says) by the prayer flags flying on this bridge in Thimphu! The Humber bridge was a connection I made in researching family history … one couple among my ancestors came from Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, which are now joined by a very long bridge, across the Humber. Obviously before the bridge people still found a way across!! I love simple old bridges, and magnificent stone bridges, they all appeal to me … I probably could live on a bridge like people in some European cities.

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