Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

What does home mean to you? For me “home is where your heart is”. Our friends recently pledged to become Australian citizens, meaning they had discovered their hearts were here, and not in their birth countries any more. Here they are, one from England and the other from the U.S.A., with others, in the local council chambers.


The mayor is standing on the left, guiding proceedings. Australian flags hang on the wall behind, with a photo of the Queen, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Personally I think it is time we had a new flag that does not contain the Union Jack, reflecting the very diverse nations that are now melded in to Australian society. When this Queen passes away it might also be time for us to shed the monarchy, pretty and entertaining as it is. Meanwhile when our friends return from visits overseas they are very glad to arrive home!


9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

  1. Citizenship ceremonies are special. My husband became a Canadian a couple months ago. Great that you were able to share in your friends’ special day.

  2. This is a super response, Christine – such a fundamental question for many of us. I’m having trouble with this one – so much to say, I guess, and as yet so many unresolved issues. I’ve half written something but I’m not sure about posting! 🙂

  3. what a great take on the ‘home’ theme.
    i had the opportunity to attend two separate ceremonies of a couple of friends who became Canadian citizens. one was a smaller ceremony, and the other a much larger one right on July 1st, our national holiday.
    there is something unique about officially adopting a home country. i was born here and although i am a Canadian by default, i am certainly grateful and thrilled to be a citizen here. but i somehow sense there is a level of ‘Canadiana’ present in my newly citizenized (is that even a word?) friends – who are Canadians by choice – that is most heartening.

    • yes it is a heart-warming thing to experience … i saw those friends yesterday and they were thrilled about being part of the blog story too 🙂 they laughed about the queen and flag bits, since those things had not occurred to them of course!

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