Tagged E: Energy

This week we have seen very big seas, with a coastal swell of 4 metres and more. Heavy rain and strong wind spinning south from Cyclone Oswald added to the intensity of the sea. These waves crashing onto our beach seemed full of energy, sending spray and foam high into the air, mesmerising the observer with a wonderful display of power.

big waves at Mullimburra

big waves at Mullimburra

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8 thoughts on “Tagged E: Energy

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  2. Angeline’s right – it’s a stunning photograph Christine, especially as you’ve captured that glorious ‘niagara’ green/white as the waves begin to curl – the part I love best! Lets hope that’s the end of it and that you don’t get dumped on as they have been on the Central Coast. 🙂

  3. E: Energy – yes big waves clashing to the shore – always go deep into my heart – I feel the fresh water and wind in my face – thanks, you made my day – though I am 300 miles away from coastal line …

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