Travel Theme: Up

Ailsa of Where’s My Backpack has given us the prompt of “Up” for our photos this week. I was watching a wonderful dog high-jumping competition at the Moruya Show yesterday, where dogs fearlessly jumped up an ever-increasingly high wall. The crowd of children and adults cheered and shrieked with excitement, sighed with disappointment and finally clapped resoundingly when the last two dogs tied for first place in the competition. Thrilling! Who would have known dogs can jump so much higher than horses? So that is one of my Up photos, and the others will explain themselves.

5 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Up

  1. Hey – what a great selection Christine – but I’d love to have seen more of the dog jumping – they’re terrific athletes but I’m with you – who’d have known they can jump so high? I can imagine the atmosphere at the local show, everyone getting involved … 🙂

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