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Psaltoda plaga, or Black Prince cicada

Psaltoda plaga, or Black Prince cicada

This is a very good year for cicadas. As the morning warms they begin to sing, a constant loud chorus that drowns out the frogs. Our casuarinas are a popular home for them, but there are thousands all through the bushland this summer. There are so many that several live insects have landed on the terrace or decks, it is easy to see them flying around the dam, and no problem to find a dead one on the ground. This one on the juncus by the Dreaming Track was spotted during the walk to Grey Rocks. For Australians the Black Prince features in childhood memories, when we collected them in small boxes, a Black Prince, a Floury Baker, and Green Grocer and so on!

Cicadas live underground for seven years, drinking sap from the roots of plants, then one night the nymph digs its way to the surface, climbs onto a tree trunk, and sheds its old covering, emerging as a shiny winged adult. Metamorphosing insects fill us with wonder, bringing thoughts of change and transformation in our own lives. If you could transform what would you like to become? Or do you hold transformation when the old body is shed as a natural next part of life?

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17 thoughts on “tagged C: cicada

    • you know, you are already! your voice reaches many through Lucid Gypsy, you share your loving gentle ways and peaceful world view with all your readers, a perfectly subtle teacher 🙂

  1. The sounds of summer … loud, indeed, if they drown out the frogs from your dam, Christine!

    Ummm … transformation seems to happen quite frequently, with the passage of time and the shedding of the past, at first bewilderingly but now as naturally as the water flows. I have no desire to be other than what I am at this time – though fleetingly the idea of more brains and/or a set of wings occasionally makes me smile at my silliness 🙂

    • i understand completely … my husband says he has a new wife every nine years … life does that as we flow along with the cycles and follow our heart …yes a set of wings would be thrilling … but i always imagine the ability to be where ever i want to be instantly … i know i am, it is just the body that stays in one place … that troublesome matter, haha!

  2. I love the sound of cicadas – it is reminiscent of sun and summer. I love this photo as well. If I would transform into something else, I’d probably return as a breathing ancient book filled with secrets. An inanimate object made alive by passion and lost love. 🙂

    • hi myra … fabulous answer … i have never thought of transforming into a book, but it might be a very rich experience the way you describe it … a magic book indeed!

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