Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

lighting a candle, Chartres cathedral

lighting a candle, Chartres Cathedral

This week’s daily post challenge is illumination, a word that has many meanings. Here we see the illumination of candles and lights in Chartres Cathedral, shedding light on the cool aisles and intimate chapels, lighting faith in the hearts of visitors, bringing spiritual illumination to seekers and petitioners. To see more check out the links below, or go to Daily Post, link above.












13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

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  2. It’s a perfect shot to illustrate the theme Christine, but for me, I’m sorry, it’s seeing your lotus pond in full summer glory, spent petals, expanding pods, leaves following the sun – now that’s an exciting scene 🙂

    • such an awesome place, the deep stillness, soft lighting, radiant colours streaming in from coloured windows, hushed people, candles and icons, all so special 🙂

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