Travel Theme: Multiples

Ailsa has challenged us to find images with more than one of a thing in the frame, in other words multiples. I trolled through my travel photos and found these. I can’t resist candles in churches, or those green guys in Paris, and farmhouse desserts in the Languedoc, I was fascinated by the women in Barcelona and prayer flags in Bhutan. You might have to scroll through to see them all, some of mine are disappearing in the gallery.


5 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Multiples

  1. Great selection Christine – I was all excited by the candles, then I zoomed it even larger and saw that instead of painting the Virgin they’ve used a transfer – the modern world, eh? Those white prayer flags are interesting – were they to commemorate a death do you think? But it’s the men in green who absorbed most of my attention – simply because it always amazes me how some people just have it – even in green plastic street sweeper attire, that guy just oozes confidence and charisma. 🙂

    • the transfer is certainly a new development, it obviously burns well … the white prayer flags (Manidhar) are for remembering a deceased person as you thought … that guy is rather gorgeous isn’t her? whenever i saw the green men i tried to take surreptitious photos, they are like colourful birds decorating the streets!

  2. when in Barcelona we stayed in a Catalan area, I was fascinated by the women, all so compact with even features, they reminded me of sparrows gathering in the sun every day to chirrup together!

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