Weekly Image Of Life: Colors

Island Traveler tells us that “colours make us feel truly alive and ready to face challenges ahead ….. they are a gift that nature and Mother Earth give us everyday”.  Colour is such a vital part of life, and not only visually, for colour is also used to express the spectrum of experience in other senses, feelings (I feel blue …for example), hearing, and so on. Here are a few of my favourite colour photos, the first one a fragrant bunch of flowers given to me by a dear friend. Her love filled the room just as the sweet fragrance and colour of the flowers.

The next photo shows an artwork in process during a Joy of Being weekend here …. where everyone becomes an artist, set free by the vivid colours, the natural tools, the atmosphere of fun and freedom.

Nature excels in colour and design, like this big Orchard Wanderer butterfly. They float gracefully through the garden in the most entrancing manner, just sublime.

Finally we are also part of nature and have always loved to mimic her colours in our clothing. Here I am laughing with my grandchildren as we flaunt our bright colours together.

Every day is a celebration of colour, a rainbow of love and joy pulsing through our world as we live heart-centered lives. Thank you Island Traveler for drawing attention to Colour this week!


7 thoughts on “Weekly Image Of Life: Colors

  1. Wow! What a visual feast of colors that brings into mind love, joy and a bright optimism for life. My favorite is where you are smiling with your grandchildren, everyone looked so happy and cheerful. An image that reminds us that true vibrant colors comes from within. Beautiful images. Thanks for sharing your colorful world with us. Sorry for the delayed reponse. Just came back from Florida for a week’s vacation. Best wishes to you and your family.

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