Weekly Image of Life: Adventure

For children and adults alike it is a great adventure to be out of the house in the night-time, cooking around a campfire. Just getting away from walls, roof, phone, television is a new experience for some. Here we are cooking “twisties” on the fire last year, with the dark trees around us and a twinkling starry sky above. A little bit scary, but so much adventure and fun.

Cooking on the Campfire

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Image of Life: Adventure

  1. Thank you for sharing a post that celebrates adventure in its pure and happiest form. Adventure can happen at our very backyard. All we need is a bit of creativity, a happy disposition and a time all devoted to an adventurous moment. Looks like the campfire was a huge, fun hit with lots of smiles and joyful memories to cherish for years to come. You inspired me today to venture on a similar adventure this Summer. Have a great weekend!

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