Weekly Image of Life: Happiness

The perfect time to do a post on happiness …. when i am in pain and on a weird drug high  after jaw surgery for osteomyelitis. I know happiness has nothing to do with pain, but with loving life, that rare chance of being here, being conscious and living each moment. Most of the universe is Dark Matter, and the part of life we know makes up about 5% of the known universe. Somehow we are in the fuzzy five percent where we can experience happiness!

Here are images of some happy moments, valued by us human beings because our values have been ingrained in us according to those things that enhance our chances of survival. We love out grandchildren because those ancestors who did care for grandchildren had more descendants ….

bliss 🙂

We are really happy when we provide food for our family, and the thrill of successful hunter or the prolific gatherer is deeply felt!

successful hunter!

Food is big source of happiness, because providing food meant more chance of life and reproduction of successive generations …. here is youngest son looking very happy about cooking up a treat for the family which of course includes his very beautiful wife…. not pictured here but regulars know her!

making food for those you love

For some of us happiness is enhanced when we feel we are doing something for others … the awareness that we are all One means that we wish for All to be happy, All to be well, All to be blessed with health and abundance.

praying that all life shares in happiness

This post is part of the first photo challenge organised by island traveler, a Weekly Image of Life challenge, with the first focus being Happiness …. would you like to join in? Follow the link and go searching for our own images of happiness!

12 thoughts on “Weekly Image of Life: Happiness

  1. Your thoughts moved me that I wanted to cry. Cry in my heart knowing one amazing person celebrated her life with joy, hope, love, optimism and postivity with her family and friends regardless of how painful or dark the physical world may be. You are living your life to the fullest and that is something we can all learn from . I too had been through a traumatic event where me and my wife felt betrayed. Till today, we are financially burdened by it but I told her one day, I refuse to let this event take away our happiness. Thus more than ever, we try our best to make the most beautiful and happy memories with our son and I never a day that I miss thanking God for waking me up. Thank you. These words I will remember, ” when i am in pain and on a weird drug high after jaw surgery for osteomyelitis. I know happiness has nothing to do with pain, but with loving life, that rare chance of being here, being conscious and living each moment.” Your courage inspired me today…

    • dear island traveler, perhaps it is the situation that frees me to express the life in me more clearly, what a blessing! love to you for your constant light in a troubled world 🙂 i am sure your financial situation will be reversed as a result of your new insight … when life flows abundance flows too 🙂 what blessed son to have you two as parents, people who can see the sunrise!

  2. sorry to hear about your surgery and that weird drug you’re taking, get well soon.

    on the lighter side, it’s good to know that despite the pain, you still manage to enjoy and share the beautiful set of photos – the happy moments with your love ones… 🙂

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