Sunday Post: Water h2o

cities are built around good harbours

Water, the source of life on Earth, attracts settlements and cities. Since we evolved in water and came onto the land later we all love to see calm water, like Sydney Harbour, viewed here from Milsons Point Wharf.

water surrounds us here

We live here, our place is in the upper left of the picture, we have a choice of beaches, and whichever way the wind blows we can hear the ocean.

water, like emotion, reflects its surrounds

Water is a fluid at moderate temperatures, but it can also be a gas, or a solid. So changeable! Like our emotional bodies water reflects its surroundings, it takes on colours, odours, temperature, and reflections.

light and life, water

Here water shows the warmth and colour of the morning sunrise, lotus leaves hold drops of water from an overnight shower.

we come from water and love to return

In water we feel weightless,ย buoyantย and free, such a joy to float and swim, to dive and play like dolphins or whales, remembering our ancestral past!

Thank you Jake for this opportunity to think about Water, bringer of life to the planet Earth! Did you know they think water arrived here frozen, brought by meteorites?

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