Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

Today, Saturday in Australia while in slower parts of the world it is still Friday (just joking!), the skies are overcast and rain is falling. The rain caused the Saturday markets to close up early, and we came home to light the slow combustion stove. Our passive solar house is toasty warm on sunny days, and the sunshine provides our hot water too, but today we light the fire to compensate for lack of sun. Here is a slideshow of photos from this morning.

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Here are some beauties: jobryant, beeblu, fergiemotoimplicado, northernnarratives, onthebench, francine, islandtraveler, rutheh,  frizztext, madhu, and lucidgypsy.

41 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

  1. So the figs were from your garden! Ummm – I do love figs and remember the tree in our garden when I was a kid. Ma used to wage war with the starlings so she could pick enough to make jam. Me? I just climbed up and sat there, eating straight from the tree, like a huge hairless monkey!
    But it’s the raindrops on the lily pond I’m drawn to – no surprise there.
    Wonderful to wander around your place in the rain this morning, Christine. I’m just back from taking the Girls down to put out the rubbish. Better download and see what I got!

    • great to hear from you …. now i wait to see what you got on the way to put out the garbage… and yes, i used to sit in the fig tree too, a perfect perch, and those big black squashy figs were so good!

      • Yea! They’re the ones – delightful memories!
        Oh today so far is very close to home – still can’t transfer images from my camera to the computer – so I’m about to download a couple I took with my old iPhone 3G …

  2. Great shots!! I love the rain, vines and pawpaw, and pond. Hey, your broccoli looks good!!! It might be miserable weather but it’s nice to be all toasty with the fire on. Have a good weekend.

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    • thank you shaanthz, it is so encouraging to have your lovely comment .. and i agree with the ‘today’ photo challenge we saw a lot of rainy days!

    • a compliment from you claire, i have new feeling about rain after taking those images, thanks so much for visiting and leaving me that lovely comment 🙂

  4. I am not sure which part of Australia you live in, but here in the Illawarra of NSW it’s pretty wet too. Yesterday, on Saturday it was overcast with a few showers. Peter, my husband, and I were lucky that none the less we were able to go hiking on Mt Keira. We also wandered around the gardens of Nan Tien Temple without getting wet. Today, Sunday, we didn’t go out of the house, Whenever I looked out, it looked rather wet. We spend the day blogging the pictures we took yesterday.
    I love your pictures. They have a very Australian feeling that I can relate to.

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