Sunday Post: Pets

Me in Feb 1972, with our pet siamese Psyche, and 7mths pregnant with our first son

Another old print, this one via a slide! We dont have pets, we always live with the native creatures around us instead, but Psyche was that pre-baby pet that young people often have. We also had a sweet and timid standard poodle for 14 years, we loved her dearly and miss her still, but we live adjacent to a national park and no pets are allowed.

See the other ‘pet’entries at Jake’s Sunday Post.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Pets

  1. I applaud you for keeping to the rules, and I applaud the government for legislating against pets in the immediate vicinity of a national park. From your photographs, one can see why. I wonder how I would manage without a pet of any kind? In theory one would turn one’s attention to the native creatures in one’s environment, but I wonder how much I would miss the companionship, and love? You’ve made me think, Christine:)

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