A-Z Archive: V is for Violent

violent storm clouds tumbling in the sky

The A-Z Challenge is almost at the end of the alphabet, the most exciting letters to find images for. Here is my entry for V, a photo of storm clouds racing through the sky, black and white tumbling together just before rain and hail hit.

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Sunday Post: Door

Doors are the subject of the Sunday Post this week … so here are a few from my archives!

very old door in Limoux, France

Elephant door handle in Jaipur, Rajasthan

Doorman in Agra, India


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A-Z Archive: U is for Umbrella, Upside-down and Unclothed

Sorry I cant choose just one, but I did manage to stop at three this time!

ink and wash sketch of life drawing model

playing upside down

umbrella drying outside the yoga barn

Dont you love looking through the old photos and finding your favourites? Join in the weekly challenge with frizztext’s site http://flickrcomments.wordpress.com/2012/05/22/a-z-archive-u-challenge/

Sunday Post: Pets

Me in Feb 1972, with our pet siamese Psyche, and 7mths pregnant with our first son

Another old print, this one via a slide! We dont have pets, we always live with the native creatures around us instead, but Psyche was that pre-baby pet that young people often have. We also had a sweet and timid standard poodle for 14 years, we loved her dearly and miss her still, but we live adjacent to a national park and no pets are allowed.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

lives in their hands

When our children were growing up we had geese in our menagerie … here two of the boys who are shivering from swimming too long are cuddling baby goslings …. the thrill of lives in their hands. This photo is a scan of an old print …. not as clear as usual sorry!

This weeks challenge is Hands … follow the link to see other entries at The Daily Post.

Sunday Post: Work

All these images are from Bhutan, different types of work we observed on our travels there. In this marvelous country people still know how to do things themselves! The destructive practices of the western world are held at bay in favour of quality of life and happiness. Click on an image to see it larger and scroll through the photos.

Join in the Sunday Post with Jake, a brilliant graphic artist and philosopher.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

Blue tropical waterlily

The blue waterlilies on our dam are huge, and still flowering as winter approaches. They only take about eight weeks off in late winter, with big buds emerging again in mid-spring. Enjoy this gorgeous blue flower!

This post is part of the Daily Post weekly challenge …. find out more http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/05/14/weekly-photo-challenge-blue/ and join in the fun!

Here are blue hydrangeas, parisian sky, kite, lake reflections, lavender,   lake and sky, thomas the blue train,  blue sock, leaves and sky, butterfly,  blue blender drink, blue skies, blue lights, blue arctic, greek cupolas, easter eggs , electric blue, flowers, walls,  experiments!, drag car, angel, sinai peninsular,  jo’s choice, and a blue footed goody.

A-Z Archive: S is for Solitude, Seafood, Sunset in Ireland

One of our favourite corners of Ireland is Conemarra in County Galway on the west coast.  When we were there in 2006 we stayed in a tiny cottage on a bare slope, where there were more stones than grazing land. The waterways were virtually deserted, just right for peaceful reflection and sketching. Nearby was the most picturesque fishing harbor, a little town called Roundstone, with a seafood restaurant. We dined at ODowd’s, and watched the sun set over the Twelve Pins (or Bens), and lights slowly come on around the bay.

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Sunday Post: Vehicle

Jake’s challenge of the week is Vehicle, so much fun to research I ended up with lots, so here is a gallery!

If you are interested in canal boats you might like the link to http://www.dudleycanaltrust.org.uk/ where we took a trip into a hillside riddled with canals, where men mined for coal many years ago.

Here are some other great entries: