Sunday Post: Recipe

This has been such a busy time with our SE Harvest Festival that I thought I might miss the Recipe post …. but I kept thinking about it, and this is what I came up with. A recipe for a healthy life! This is how we make lunch, and usually breakfast and dinner as well. We go out into the garden and see what there is to eat … so come with me on a little trip …you would get bored if I showed you everything out there.

Healthy fresh-grown food creates healthy bodies and minds, so stimulate your creativity and go fresh! That is our recipe for a healthy life.

Check out Jakesprinter Sunday Post to join in the Recipe challenge this week.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Recipe

  1. I like your words “so stimulate your creativity and go fresh” – true to my heart. And your photos have reminded me that I must give watercress I try out in the garden, I just nee dto find the right sized barrel

    • good luck with your barrel …we used two halves of a sand pit/waterplay shell … something abandoned and reused … one pond with watercress collects water as it overflows from a wicking bed, then it dribbles into the next pond where the water chestnuts are growing, and if that overflows the garden gets the extra water … have not yet harvested the water chestnuts 😀

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