A-Z Archive: J is for Jaisalmer

My last post was about Jodphur, which is not far from Jaisalmer, so journey with me again for the “J” challenge! Join in yourself at Frizztext.

Jaisalmer Hill Fort

The narrow streets are colourful in the brilliant way of Rajasthani people, crowded with tourists, inhabitants, salespeople, cows and other animals, camels and their carts, and market stalls with vivid produce, mirror-encrusted clothing and textiles, and billboards offering internet, memory cards, meals and accommodation etc.

So there is the bustle of Jaisalmer, hope you enjoyed the busy streets!


11 thoughts on “A-Z Archive: J is for Jaisalmer

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    • indeed, it would be good to be more leisurely about it too, not limited to quick snaps, and Rajasthan is not as bad for being hassled so it might be possible 🙂

  2. Great shots! You really give us a glimpse of India with the colour and atmosphere. I loved the camel shot, but I must say, the electrical wiring in the first pic made me shudder!! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. 🙂

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