Sunday Post: Pleasure

I have chosen to share some of the pleasures of Jodhpur with you this week. Mehrangarh Fort contains several palaces known for their intricate carvings and expansive courtyards. The Mehrangarh Museum is the best stocked in Rajasthan, filled with opulence, decorated with gold, jewels, carvings and colour. Displays of costumes, artifacts, thrones, sculptures and art works include a gallery of palanquins. Enjoy these images of luxury and pleasure.

Looking up at the Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur, an unassailable bastion.

One of the finely sculpted palaces.

Musicians greeting visitors added to the atmosphere of pleasure and luxury. Some played for the rowdy throngs, while others played discretely in niches of the quiet palace museum.

Visitors can explore floors of exquisitely decorated rooms, once the scene of wonderful parties, banquets and gatherings.

Palanquin for women

Palanquin for the ruler

The pleasures of colour are celebrated and enjoyed by the artists who worked on this palace.

and finally looking down on the city of Jodhpur from above.

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20 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Pleasure

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  2. my daughter, an architect from Berlin, was very impressed by Jodhpur too! a challenge for modern architects to understand the history of architecture as a lifestyle …

  3. Fantastic photos, vibrant, candid REAL!!! Wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing these. I will never get there so it is such a treat to see a range of pics from someone who’s walked there. The detail in the Palace looks amazing. Thanks again!

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