Sunday Post: Landscape

This is a landscape that I feel in my cells … the bright green fields of the Emerald Isle. My ancestor Edward Mulligan was a 19 year old groom in this land when he was convicted of “stealing from the bleach green” and shipped out to Australia as a convict in 1827.

Green fields at Kilgraney, Muine Bheag, County Carlow, Ireland

We have traced him to the old church of Lorum, at Kilgraney. Sadly there are no records of his birth even though we know his parents were Bridget and William. So this is my dead-end, my green fields, my old church.

no sign of Mulligans in the graveyard

Looking from Google Earth you can see quite a few training tracks for horses in the area, perhaps one where his horses were run. How is this for ‘landscape’?

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10 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Landscape

  1. I understand your feeling the landscape in your cells, when I first went to Africa even though it wasn’t to Nigeria I felt instantly at home and then in my ancestral village the sense of belonging was overwhelming.

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