Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

Polistinae wasp nest against the window

These beautiful and useful wasps had lived here against the window for about six months, gradually enlarging their nest as their population grew. To my great regret they suddenly became disturbed by several of my yoga students passing by on their way to the bathroom (as they had done every week), and two people were stung. Worse was to come, because now we had to remove the nest, the greater regret! Using smoke to drive off the wasps, we knocked the wonderful hexagonal construction to the ground with a long fishing rod, and watched sadly as the adult wasps returned to try to remedy the situation. As you can see I  photographed the nest from inside the yoga barn before the dastardly deed. I have noticed the beginning of a new nest, in a more suitable position, so fingers crossed all will be well.

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To find our more about the Weekly Photo Challenge and this week’s challenge of Regret, follow the link to The Daily Post.


21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

  1. Harmony between disparate “agendas” is so hard to maintain, isn’t it?? Lovely photo…….hope all goes well w/their new location:)

  2. That’s an incredible story…. I’m so sorry that had to happen, but it sounds like they’re resilient creatures, and of course, amazing.. And, by the looks of your photo, they are big creatures, too! Wow – I sure wouldn’t want to be stung by one. Amazing photos…. LOL, I’m sure to have dreams about them tonight!

    • hope you had sweet dreams andrea, and no wasps …they are so good for the garden and not at all aggressive, just unlucky that something upset them that day, and then i had no choice but to move them … 😦

  3. As cool as they are, I’m allergic to all bees big and small, so a nest is also a death threat to me.

    There happens to be a nest IN MY BEDROOM WINDOW- between the screen and glass pane up at the top. It’s an open cell nest spreading along the top of the window and there are a fair amount of bees in there. It sealed off and it’s just a matter of waiting for them to die now, but it’s still creepy having a nest that close to me. The blinds always block the top of the window so it took a while to notice it- I’ve even had the window open before! *shudder*

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