Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

When walking the Larapinta Trail in Central Australia we camped in dry riverbeds. First camp was not too far from Alice Springs, so our tour leader had arranged for Drum Atweme to come out and play for us. A bus arrived with whoever had been available at the Town Camps, and the girls began to get organised, encouraged with a juice and a snack. Here they are nearly ready!

nearly ready

a few more smiles

confident smile

a little warm-up, and ready to go!

Drum Atweme playing for an Into the Blue walking group

If you are interested in this very successful early intervention to improve quality of life for young aboriginal children, you might like this video. I cant embed it, so follow the link …it is COOL!





13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

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  2. This video is definitely a ‘heartfelt image’!! BTW, I just clicked on it & it played, so I think it’s successfully embedded.

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