Weekly Photo Challenge: Alone and Random

One day when my grand daughter had gone home I found Teddy all alone, left playing the guitar. Well who could resist a photo, however random! Here is another, a sailing boat in a howling gale, taking part in the 2010 Sydney t0 Hobart Yacht Race. Conditions were nasty, quite a few boats had to withdraw as they passed our area of the NSW south coast, but this one was still pressing on, completely alone as far as we could see.

I am joining a few friends in making our own weekly photo challenge this week, thanks to Margie and Maggie!


9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Alone and Random

  1. I just love the “guitar-playing Teddy” how sweet your grandchild must be to think of that.
    The little sailboat is a wonderful photo, the colours, the waves. I love the tiny boat against the storm… great capture.

    • thanks maggie … she does enjoy my old collection of teddies and she loves music, so i should not have been surprised … all of 2 and a half years old 🙂
      the sailing boat was really battling, the wind so strong, we could barely stand there and watch!

    • good to hear from you margie … we can do it ourselves when they drop the ball … i have been longing to do ‘curving’ or ‘sinuous’ so maybe next week …. thanks for leading the way 😀

  2. teddy seems to be enjoying this solitary musical interlude.
    after a lot of travel on the road, show after show, sometimes it is just nice to spend some time with just you and your guitar 🙂
    and what a stormy sea for that second shot! scary!
    thanks for sharing.

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