A-Z Challenge: I is for Insecure

While visiting the Black Country in the English Midlands we were taken to this rather insecure looking pub!

The Crooked House, Coppice Mill

First built as a farmhouse, The Crooked House is so called because of a sharp lean in the building, caused by local mining in the 1800s, that means one side of the pub is four feet lower than the other. This has made it a strong tourist attraction and the leaning walls, combined with the level floors, make for an interesting experience. A bit of fun, and apparently quite good beer.

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Sunday Post: Landscape

This is a landscape that I feel in my cells … the bright green fields of the Emerald Isle. My ancestor Edward Mulligan was a 19 year old groom in this land when he was convicted of “stealing from the bleach green” and shipped out to Australia as a convict in 1827.

Green fields at Kilgraney, Muine Bheag, County Carlow, Ireland

We have traced him to the old church of Lorum, at Kilgraney. Sadly there are no records of his birth even though we know his parents were Bridget and William. So this is my dead-end, my green fields, my old church.

no sign of Mulligans in the graveyard

Looking from Google Earth you can see quite a few training tracks for horses in the area, perhaps one where his horses were run. How is this for ‘landscape’?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

indulging at L'As du Fallafel in Paris

L’As du Fellafel is one of the best felafel restaurants in Paris, always crowded, delicious and exciting. We walked to the Jewish quarter one evening to indulge in a superb vegetarian feast!

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A-Z Archive: H is for Haveli

Haveli in Mandawa, Rajasthan

The wealthy merchants on the Silk Road passing through the north of Rajasthan competed with each other to build splendid mansions, decorated with fine carving and lavishly painted walls. Today some of these havelis remain in good order, but many have been abandoned. When we travelled through Mandawa we stayed in a haveli converted to a small hotel.

Haveli hotel in Mandawa

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

These dragonflies are touching down to lay their fertilised eggs in the base of the lotus seed pod. If you look down into the water you will see them reflected there.

This dragonfly pair have been flying in tandem around the dam looking for suitable sites to deposit her fertilised eggs. By flying with her the male prevents another male from mating with her. Every minute or so another site is chosen and the pair rest while the eggs are laid. Here they rest on a decaying lotus blossom, beautifully reflected in the water of the dam.

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A-Z Archive: G is for Gallery

My husband is an artist, so we are often in galleries. Here is an exhibition of his paintings in a local gallery, just before the opening night festivities. I am tempted to add some other ‘g’ words, such as great, and gorgeous, and galloping success! If you would like to see his picasaweb album of this show you can find it here.

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